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My eclectic expressionistic fine art collection is my visual voice--
a physical manifestation of my heart & soul’s deepest desire to
embrace & subsequently share messages of  peace, love, joy, harmony & beauty. 
My new media art is a uniquely creative mixture of my
transformed digital image captures and digital painting. 
Anything from the earth’s surface sands & soils to the boundless skies may serve as subject matter while vibrant color & movement serve as the collection’s binding visual thread. 

Creating art is not a job, nor is it a hobby for me; rather, it is my personal prescription for healthy living. 
It is the best way for me to cleanse my mind, body and spirit and to
regain balance, focus and direction in my life.
My creations are ultimately physical revelations of my heart & soul’s deepest desires. 
These desires are often needs to express gratitude, beauty, joy, love, and hope while others are great needs to find beauty, joy, love, and hope, and to remind myself
to be grateful when I feel these things are absent from my life.  
Art is ultimately an incredible therapeutic journey since the act of  “creating” enables me to
find the calm and inner peace I often search for amidst life's daily trials.
I do not pick and choose a specific subject matter when I create. Rather,
I allow my heart to determine what the output will be. 
To this end, my visual voice is often an eclectic expression. 
My works are however unified by several common threads—
my heart’s desires for expression and my absolute
love for creating colorful, vibrant pieces that are replete with energy and motion.
I create organically; rarely is any piece ever truly planned.  I find wonderful inspiration in
everything from the earth’s surface sands and soils to the abundant and
never ending skies above; you’ll often find me with a camera in hand,
capturing a moment in time or an object that sparks some inspiration and intrigue within me. 
While I enjoy using traditional artist’s tools, my preference is the use of more
contemporary methods such as natural media painting and mathematical algorithms coupled with
highly transformed digital photographs.  
When I do engage in traditional methods, they are often integrated with these
contemporary tools before becoming a final work of art.
My art is available on a variety of media including fine art papers,
wood, canvas, textiles and aluminum.
Thank you for your interest in my fine art collection. 

I hope it brings you joy and helps you see the
beauty that truly surrounds us in our daily lives regardless of our circumstances.
New Media Fine Artist

Email: dovimadesigns@gmail.com with inquiries.

Artist Copyright

All artwork is protected by US Copyright laws;artwork may not be reproduced, in any form, at any time without express written permission. 

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